Smart and Complete

Hummingbird is a complete solution for API Testing, Service simulation, Test Automation and performance test.

It comes with a world-class and intelligent test editor that helps to reduce the complexity of API Testing. It simulates also the service which your application depends on, leads your team to test application early and actively.

The solution can be used for both Dev team for unit test and QA team for functional testing.

Hummingbird comes with an extensible and powerful test automation engine. Enables to run regression tests quickly and precisely.

It is also easy to integrate Hummingbird with your favorite CI/CD platform such as VSTS and Jenkins.


"He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools"

- Confucius

Hummingbird gives you a perfect environment to test, as most comfortable as possible.

The intelligent test editor boosts the productivity of test design and execution. Extension designer helps to import and organize easily service definitions. It helps you to spend less time but gets greater experience. No more days and days of training to be able to run technical tests.



Hummingbird is based on a Framework that allows you to customize the software to better meet your needs.

Ordinary Web Services can be directly import into the solution with Extension Designer. You can use the Test Framework SDK to define your own extension for special protocols and services: CORBA, SMS, LDAP...

Don't hesitate to try the extensions avaiable, Browse our Github page to see how powerful the extension can be


Free to use

Hummingbird is distributed under CC-BY-ND 3.0 license, free for personal and commercial use. Documentation, Examples, Extensions and some sources code can be found on our GitHub page.

Power of Community

As a community project, it's up to you to decide what you really needs. The solution will be improved by the contribution from the community.
Submit bugs and make suggestions, let's improve it together. Also, if you think the extension you've made may serve other, don't hesitate to share them.


Let's get started


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Get Extensions and Code examples from our GitHub page.


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Test Framework

See how to build extensions for Hummingbird.

Modern UI Framework

Interest about the UI Framework used by Hummingbird, learn more here.