Extensions of Hummingbird

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Selenium Adapter

SMS Center Simulation

This extension of Hummingbird implements a part of UCP-EMI protocol that used by a SMS-Center – an equipment that routes Short Messages (SMS) between the information system and the user’s terminal.

In a test environment, text messages cannot be sent to real clients, so we need a service simulation to replace the SMS-Center for test purpose. Or course, text messages encoded in UCP-EMI protocol are not human-readable, so the simulator decodes the messages.

Considering the specification of the UCP-EMI protocol, this extension also implements a custom message viewer, which replaces the default Tree + XML viewing and decodes the message to human readable user interface.

For demonstration purpose, this extension implements the 4 following service provided by a SMS-C:

  • UCP 60: to simulate the session management
  • UCP 51: the MT message (sent by a system information to the mobile device)
  • UCP 52: the MO message (sent from a mobile device to a service number)
  • UCP 53: the DR message (sent from a mobile device to confirm the SMS has been delivered)

This extension is delivered Open Source, you can find it here: https://github.com/huaxing-yuan/smsc-simulator

When installed, you can find SMS Center in the list of available service.