The Hummingbird project is

Test any services with Intelligent Test Editor

Hummingbird integrates a smart graphical test editor that recognizes the data structure from service definition, propose you data structure within the giving context and hides the technical details of the service itself. Build and run test more quickly than ever.

  • It recognizes complex types and list possible extended nodes
  • It recognizes Enumerations and list possible values
  • It recognizes value types and ensure the input data is valid

The test editor gives a constant experience for every kind of services, no matter if it is SOAP or REST

Service Simulation

Use virtual services to simulate services which your application depends on, personalize in real-time replies of each simulated services to meet objective of the test. Service simulation is the best way to test application functionalities earlier, in a controlled and isolated environment, enables you to deliver components and applications of better quality.



Extension Designer & Other tools

Web service definitions such as WSDL can be imported and organized via Extension Designer. Furthermore, Hummingbird compiles the extension to optimize the global performance and sharing of the extensions. With all these optimizations, Hummingbird is 10 times faster than existing solutions on application start up, automation project loading

Commun tools are also integrated with Hummingbird, such as RegEx Tool, XPath validator and XML Compare, no need to find something on the internet, they are ready for you.

Test Automation

With Hummingbird, you have everything to automate your tests: not only to run test and use assertions for validation, but also using advanced features like Data Driven test, control Service Simulation, control Test Data, run Command line, and even code your own test step by using C# and VB.NET.

Automated tests can be run with the Hummingbird APP or via the Hummingbid CLI, they can be easily integrated into your Continuous Integration platform.

Dashboard & Reporting

Dashboard gives you a clear view about how the software is used, that traces all manual or automated tests you have performed.

Automation reports gives you a detailed, structured and graphical view for each of your test steps. Investigate problems and bugs are more efficient.

Hummingbird generates also standard xml report (in jUnit format) that can be published directly into CI/CD platform or the test management platform.